clay is possibility

it can be beautiful or functional

it starts with an idea and becomes something permanent

woven pottery

home decor


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meet kathryn

Pottery allows me to put something of myself out into the world. As an introvert, I find this is the best way of expressing myself. I’ve been inspired greatly by my parents, both creative in their own ways. I was constantly encouraged to share my creativity with others.

Artist, artisan, handcrafter, craftsman, each word evokes a different sentiment and a different feeling. Quality differences, intentional differences, interpretational differences. I’m not sure I would consider myself an artist. I’m not a crafter either. I’m a potter. However, now that I’m including other materials, even potter feels limiting.  When you see yourself differently, you act, think and behave differently.

It’s a compulsion for me at this point. I have ideas – many ideas – and I am driven to make each of them a reality.