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I’d love a custom moon piece with mauve-y pinks and purples. Black and white are fine as well, but all the sparkle when it comes to the beads! I’m already so excited. Your work is phenomenal!


Thank you so much!   I can absolutely work with those colors.   I have some questions that will help me create the perfect piece for you:

What is your budget? Shipping is not included in this figure and will be more for larger pieces.   My pricing is based on size, materials used and complexity of the design.   The off-set center necessary to create the crescent makes for a more challenging weave and will automatically increase the price above my stated starting price of $250.   I will work with you to include as many desired elements as possible in your piece as will fit within your budget.

Tell me a bit more about your vision for your moon.   Are you pink moon and purple sky?   Pink and purple moon with black sky?   White moon with pink and purple sky?   I can make just about any version of that work.    How big were you thinking for the piece?   If you are unsure, I can work out the general size of the piece based on your budget.

As I stated on my site, custom pieces take 4-6 weeks to make.   I require 50% of the established budget up front to start as a non-refundable deposit before I begin.

Thank you so much for your interest – I love making custom pieces and trying to figure out how to make them personal.   Please let me know if you have any questions.


I’m so, so excited about this! I’ve never seen anything like your work, and I’m big on collecting unique beauties.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to keep this under $300 as it’s already way more than I intended to spend, but I recognize what I’m paying for and completely understand.

For the moon itself, I’m thinking a white moon with just a hint of purple in it (similar to the gray in one of the moons you’ve already created). Then the exterior can be black, pink and purple, like a watercolor galaxy! I’d love to see the yarn options as I’m super picky about purples. Not all purples are created equal to me, lol.

For size, really the smaller the better. I have another moon wall piece that’s not very big (just 8 inches wide), and I’d like to place them together somewhere.

Excited to learn more!



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