holiday garland – 2 piece tree ornament


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This mini holiday garland is a tree ornament, designed to be hung between 2 branch tips.   Each ornament on the cord is exquisitely thin and lightweight. Cords are roughly 1 ft long and can be easily adjusted for both length and spacing.    Available in 4 styles:

  • Christmas trees have been decorated with green, white and brown glazes and are strung on a red and white cord.

  • Gingerbread men have been decorated with brown glaze and strung on a red and brown cord.

  • Ghosts have been decorated with white clay and have been strung on a white and grey cord.   Spooky!

  • Mitten pairs are decorated in one of 4 glazes – green, blue, turquoise and grey, all with a white cuff. This style does not have a defined cord color.  Color requests can be made and, if available, granted.

For decorative use only.



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