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Between the mainland and the beaches of the South East there are dunes, generally covered with scruffy looking and unassuming sea oats, and it’s easy to overlook them as you go along the path or boardwalk, intent on the magnificent view of water ahead of you.¬† ¬†They sway in the breeze, dance under the sun, provide shelter for wildlife, and protect the beaches from erosion with their deep roots.

Made in Dalton, GA.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

Hand thrown ceramic ring frame featuring a split ring and berry motifs. Pierced with multiple layers of holes for weaving. Glazed in green over a white clay.


Nylon, leather, bamboo, wool, twine, acrylic, cotton and jute


metal, glass, hematite, jasper, brass and bamboo


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