Last summer I was blessed to be able to see Glacier Bay National Park first hand.   We were only there for a day but the colors, landscape and wildlife that I saw that day have had such an impact on me, and have inspired many of the pieces in this show.   

The colors of the bay are black, white, grey, green, teal and seafoam.   I never before imagined that glaciers were so colorful!

Margerie Glacier is at the head of the bay.  

Watching this 200 foot face of the glacier calve off into the water was incredible.   The noise – a sharp crack as it sheared away, followed by the splash into the water – went right through me.

 Icebergs are the offspring of glaciers as chunks are sheared off of the face into the sea. As we cruised down Glacier Bay back towards the mouth of the bay we passed by hundreds of these miniature icebergs, actually called “bergy bits,” that had just been created and were bobbing and drifting downstream towards the pacific. 

 I love this shot for the play of light coming through the clouds and pooling onto the water in the distance, and tried with this piece to capture that feeling that the colors, movement and texture gave me.

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