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This past summer I became a US citizen. I arrived here 40 years ago, coming here with my parents and siblings after having previously moved about the globe several times. In spite of having lived here for so long – in the meantime getting married, having a child and a mortgage – it was not until I officially turned my residence into citizenship that I felt my roots here truly begin to sprout. As part of my many moves I now find myself living in the South, specifically Georgia, and in honor of my new state of mind, I have made this piece in honor of that State, specifically it’s peachiness.
Making this one has been a challenge on every level due to it’s size – 18 inches across in finished diameter. Working with the clay on the wheel to bring it out that to that width was a strenuous and messy business! The increased area for weaving allowed me to really add in more elements and textures.
At the center you’ll find the pit with it’s craggy surface. The flesh is stained red by the nut before melting into golden sweet fruit. The surface is a soft velvet jacket of reds, oranges and browns.

Made in Dalton, GA.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 3 in

Hand thrown ceramic frame with two weaving surfaces. Features split rim fluting and berries, and glazed in white.hand thrown ceramic frame


Nylon, lelather, bamboo, cotton, wool, acrylic, alpaca, carpet yarn.


Bamboo, crystalized agate, freshwater pearls, metal, agate and czech glass beads that have been woven into a Fibonacci spiral.


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