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Oysters are such unassuming creatures yet desirable in so may ways. It's rough and craggy exterior resembles a stone more than shell, giving no hints to the casual observer as to the contents. The muscle inside is so stubbornly strong as it fights to hold its home together while the knife finds the weakness and slips inside to pry it open. Is the invader seeking a meal of the salty tender flesh? Or perhaps looking for the lustrous orb that may be hidden inside? The perfect pearl, born out of irritation, is the jewel of the sea.

Made in Dalton, GA.

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Dimensions 19.5 × 18.5 × 2 in

Hand thrown ceramic ring that has been pierced with holes for use as a loom. White glaze on buff clay with altered rim.


Nylon, leather, bamboo, carpet yarn, wool, acrylic, and cotton.


Czech glass, glass, brass, metal, crystalloid agate, and freshwater pearls. The center beads have been woven into a Fibonacci spiral in a fan-blade pattern.


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